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Organic lavender in bloom at Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley, California. #LionSpringsLavenderFarm, #CarmelCaramels, #DaphneNixon, OrganicLavender, #LavenderHoney

Homemade caramels...

Lion Springs Lavender Farm is the home of Carmel Caramels. We grow organic lavender and have 64 bee hives to make lavender honey to put in our delicious lavender caramels homemade right here in Carmel Valley, California.

Our lavender is certified by Monterey County Certified Organic. We use sustainable farming practices. #OrganicLavender, #LionSpringsLavenderFarm, #CarmelCaramels, #LavenderHoney, #CarmelValley

The Perfect Gift from Carmel

We offer fresh Carmel Caramels that can be mailed to you. They make terrific gifts!

Our beekeeper, Thomas, makes sure the bees are kept healthy and producing lots of heavenly tasting lavender honey on our organic lavender farm...Lion Springs Lavender Farm in Carmel Valley, California.#LionSpringsLavenderFarm, #CarmelCaramels, #OrganicLavenderFarm, #LavenderHoney

Our delicious lavender honey is made by the bees on our 5 acre organic lavender farm at Lion Springs Lavender Farm.

Our amazing, third generation beekeeper, Thomas, has vast knowledge passed down from his father and grandfather on how to keep our honeybees here on the farm happy and healthy. That way, we can provide our customers with the best and purest quality lavender honey made from the nectar of our certified organic lavender that we grow at Lion Springs Lavender Farm.  Our lavender is only watered with natural well water from our 750 foot deep well, or rainwater, so the lavender plants and lavender honey are not exposed to any chlorine, pesticides, or herbicides.  Just pure honey straight from our farm goes into our tasty Carmel Caramels!